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ride height

  1. Very bumpy ride. Need help.

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    I posted earlier when I joined the site to say hello. I have found a tremendous amount of useful info on here using the search function. I cannot find anything concerning my perticular problem. I bought a 98 bird that has been lowered. I didn't mind the ride until I went on a 3hr ride last...
  2. front foot peg lowering brackets(by Dave?)

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    :crap:Does anybody know how to order front foot peg lowering brackets (made by Dave?) I went to Cycle Farkels web site, but when click on add to shopping cart get know where.? This is the last add on to the Bird(Ha, never finished adding on) I would like to get!:clap: