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  1. Sprocket Gearing Advice

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Hey everyone, it's been a while. Back on the bike now most days and loving it. Just shy of two months from now, I'm going out to some bike event at a local dragstrip (1/8 mile :crap:) with some buddies so I'm prepping up for a grudge match. I've beaten this Busa 3 times now out on the street...
  2. The concise track day thread

    General CBR XX Discussion
    After riding my Bird on the track a few weeks ago, I looked for mods people do to make the Bird better for the track. The problem is that I find some information in different places and some pertain to street riding, but not the track. I would like to have one thread which discusses all the...
  3. Went to the drag strip today

    General CBR XX Discussion
    I went to New England Dragway up in Epping, NH on my 1998 blackbird. 100% stock, full weight, with a full tank of fuel and a 210lb. rider NE dragway is about 90 feet above sea level. My first 2 runs, I tried to stay under 120 mph, as to not get kicked out becuase i didn't have leather pants, or...
  4. took her to the drag strip tonight

    General CBR XX Discussion
    First time ever draggin. Only reason i went is because my buddy, who owns a 2007 ZX-10 is always talking about how he'll murder my bird. So i challenged him and he said the only way he would put the rubber down was on a real drag strip so we went to Atlanta motor speedway for the friday night...