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  1. Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    I was looking for myself and thought I'd save people some bother, in case they were interested :) FRONT: 120/70 17 (58W) Pressure: 2.9 (42PSI) REAR: 180/55 17 (73W) Pressure: 2.9 (42PSI) BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX RANGE (Recommended on the Bridgestone website 7th Oct 2013): S20 Real MotoGP...
  2. Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hey guys, i am getting stage 1 jets put on the bird this weekend, wondering if anyone has gotten this done and if so, how have the results been? Is the perormance incrrease worth the $$$? I am also manufacturing my own l.e.d. tail light, i'll post some pics when i get done. It looks...
  3. Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    hey guys, i have a 98 bird, my mechanic says i need to sync my carbs? i have straight pipes on it and it runs a little sluggish in lower RPMs, i am wondering should i go on and throw the jet kit in because it is going to cost 100 bucks to sync the carbs. anyone have any experiences to share? is...
1-3 of 3 Results