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  1. Bikes For Sale
    Low miles (less than 26,000 at time of ad posting) in excellent condition. Includes the following performance and visual upgrades: *Yoshimura RS-3 Full Exhaust with carbs jetted to exhaust *Ohlins STX46 Hypersport Rear shock with remote reservoir (like new, less than 1,000 miles) *Racetech...
  2. Introductions
    Hi There, I am a new member, Just bought my first Blackbird having upgraded from an old VFR800. My bike is a 2004 model, in the 2 tone matt black over silver colour, I think it was a special edition? Bike is mostly standard, but does have bar risers, and an Ohlins shock.....
  3. Wanted To Buy
    Looking to see if anyone has an upgraded rear shock ether an Ohlins or Penske available for sale in the states before I send one out to get re done. thanks
  4. Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    So my new to me XX came with an ohlins rear setup. I'm a total newbie when it comes to suspension, but from reading up I may have end up changing the spring for my weight, 325lb fully loaded. I'm hoping to at least get through the summer without changing it. I'm having problems with my hugger...
  5. Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Hello all! Ohlins list 2 rear shocks for the bird. Shock 1 is HO 639: HO 639 - Öhlins Shock 2 is HO 518: HO 518 - Öhlins They are both type S46HR1C1S: S = monotube 46 = Piston Diameter H =Gas pressurized with external reservoir R1 = Adjustable damping with a knob C1 = Adjustable...
  6. Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Alright everyone...let's get straight to the nitty gritty: Ohlins upgrade (rear) versus just upgrading to just an after-market spring...cost benefit analysis, compare and contrast. -PMdXer
1-6 of 6 Results