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  1. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hi everyone. Brand new to the forum. Well brand new to any forum actually. First one I've joined. I just bought my self a Honda cbr1100xx. Has some faults. Fixing them up slowly. The one thing I cannot figure out is the odometer. My model is a late 2001 or so. Last with the analog clocks...
  2. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Looking for some help tracking down an issue my bird is having of late. Was on my way back home on a 2900 mile trip and about 300 miles from home my speedometer dropped to zero on me. Having had my stator go out ~6000 miles ago on a previous trip I assumed the worst, and that my charging system...
  3. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hi. Today I noticed that the two odometer in my speedometer have stopped working. One showing 59.999 km. and the other showing 22,3 km. Otherwise the speedometer works fine and are showing the correct speed. Can anyone tell me what the problem is or how to fix it? Thanks in advance for any...
1-3 of 3 Results