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new blackbird owner

  1. New guy from Calgary Alberta Canada

    Good day, I'm new to ownership of the xx, I keep buying sport bikes every so often looking for comfortable ones. My last few bikes were the Ninja 900, GSXR 1100, VTR 1000, Tl1000R, ST 1300 and currently I'm riding a 2009 GL 1800 Goldwing. I had a craving for a sport bike again so I just bought a...
  2. New to the Community

    Howdy. I purchased a black '98 blackbird a couple months ago. Had 17k on the odometer. Great bike, my father actually has a '97 haha. I commute to work as weather permits and ride with the boys on the weekends. Glad to be a part of the community.
  3. Now riding a '07 Blackbird, Melbourne Australia

    Hi, Just upgraded my Suzuki GS500F to a 2007 Blackbird and used this forum to get a better understanding of what I was getting myself on to. Have been riding for a few years now but only for pleasure and mostly long distance, 1000 KM plus. +Looking forward to my first decent ride, with the...
  4. Hello from Northamptonshire, UK!

    Just a quick introduction from a new rider. I passed my DAS a couple of weeks ago. Spent ages trawling the internet trying to decide what to get for my first bike prior to this and during the training. The criteria where that it needed to be a) comfortable, b) able to travel long distances...
  5. Another new BB owner

    Hey everyone just joined the forum, I bought my 2003 BB in January and have had the opertunity to take it for a 370 mile round trip and a few days of riding since I got her and I am completely in love with this bike! I've been riding for a year my first bike was a 90 cbr 600 f1 with a yoshi...
  6. First Bird and First sports bike owner new to any forum

    Hi everyone, My name is Ben. I live out in the west Houston area. I am the proud owner of a 2002 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. After someone backed in to my 99 Triumph Trophy 1200 about a month ago, I thought it would be a good move to pursue this particular motorcycle. Two up riding...
  7. New XX owner from Malta

    I've been looking around for the past couple of months since I got my Bird - great resource with loads of useful info. It's a 2001 model with 70K kilometres on the clock and goes beautifully. It had a lot of gold coloured stuff on it including gold wheels and the like which I've now removed and...
  8. Engine problems (big bird won't fly)

    Hello all. just baught my first blackbird. the story behind this bike is the previous owner let his 'friend' ride is and he took it into a guard rail. The bike is a little rough but still straight. so i baught it for cheap knowing what it is worth. The problem that i, having is the bike doesn't...
  9. 2001 Blackbird - Planned improvements - Suggestions/Advice?

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Always had SV650Ss but had wanted to get a Blackbird for almost 2 years. So finally I just bought a beautiful 2001 Red BB - 39000 miles (62400 km) for $3995. I am planning on putting/adding more stuff to it but slowly and progressively. So far following is the sequence I have in mind, let me...