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  1. LTB 97' Blackbird Motor

    Wanted To Buy
    So I did something stupid and ran my bike out of oil. I know.... rookie movie. Now I'm stuck with a bike I never want to give up that needs to be fixed. I have every intention of fixing it so I am currently exploring my options. I bought a 2000 engine thinking it would work but didn't realize...
  2. Parting out 97 Engine

    Parts For Sale
    PM me with an offer if interested in anything, have complete 97 engine minus the head. Also have carbs & throttle body assembly. Also have oil cooler. Also have cams Local pickup in hacienda heights, Ca is preferred, but can work out shipping. Will edit this post as things begin to sell. For...
  3. fresh turbo motor for sale

    Parts For Sale
    i have an 03 turbo motor for sale built by elton fish its a spare it made 376 hp it has all the goodies in it any questions ask away id like to get 4,500.00 or best offer