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  1. with so many mods, how can I ever sell it?

    General CBR XX Discussion
    So, though it's been a while I've added some more mods to my bike. Something I saw in another post made me think of this (someone sold a Bird and bought another bike). With so much time, money, and effort put into this bike, how can I ever sell it? And don't say, "don't sell it, just keep it...
  2. 79 to 81 mm boring and piston changing advice much appreciated.

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    So I previously made a post about starting problems and got plenty of help and advice but in the end I've decided to completely rebuild of the engine. So my first question is about boring and honing my head out to 81 mm is there any really power gain as for cost it really doesnt matter much...
  3. Youngest 'Bird rider in this Forum???

    Hi guys,After 3 weeks perving over a CBR1100xx for sale online I finally decided to travel the 350 miles to see her. Within 20 minutes of arrival I walked (well, rode) away with a 98 grey Super Blackbird with 16k miles on the clock.At the age of 26 I think I'm one of the youngest Blackbird...
  4. Not new to riding but new to the Blackbird

    Hello everybody, I have been riding since I was 5 years old but I got my 2003 Blackbird about 5 months ago. It took what seemed like forever to find the absolute perfect Blackbird but when I found it I knew she was the one!! I found her on craigslist in Indiana and I drove 6 hours to get it...
  5. The concise track day thread

    General CBR XX Discussion
    After riding my Bird on the track a few weeks ago, I looked for mods people do to make the Bird better for the track. The problem is that I find some information in different places and some pertain to street riding, but not the track. I would like to have one thread which discusses all the...
  6. "New" member from Central NY.

    I've been apart of this site for awhile but rarely came online, now I have a little more time and figured I'd introduce myself and start some posts. I'm 27 years old and have been riding for 11 years. I started out on a Honda 450 Hawk and have enjoyed riding several bikes such as the Yamaha...
  7. Got a new BABy

    Bikes For Sale
    just had a baby girl so i must sell my other baby to buy a new four door car. 1998 bird. 4000 bucks o.b.o flat black paint scheme slash cut stubby dual exhaust jetted front end strap corbin seat with hide-a-way pillion backrest brand new tires customized tail/tag/light (tag is where light used...
  8. Jet kit Question.,.

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hey guys, i am getting stage 1 jets put on the bird this weekend, wondering if anyone has gotten this done and if so, how have the results been? Is the perormance incrrease worth the $$$? I am also manufacturing my own l.e.d. tail light, i'll post some pics when i get done. It looks...