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  1. Wanted To Buy
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a left hand mirror for a 1997 blackbird. Prefer black, would rather not paint it but please do send me a text if you have a different colored one in good shape. New Year's Eve and some asshat decides it's okay to hit and run my bike while I'm in a store buying some...
  2. General CBR XX Discussion
    please i need some help to find a left mirror for my 1998 cbr 1100xx
  3. Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a Honda Blackbird two days ago, a 2005 model in black. What other colour is there? :) Forty years after passing my bike test, this is the first time I've ever broken the 750cc barrier and I cannot describe how chuffed I am! (I'm hoping "chuffed" means the same in...
  4. Wanted To Buy
    Found the mirrors I needed!!!!!! Thanks for all the replies. Need mirrors for my 1997 CBR XX e-mail me at XXXXXXX for details Thanks, Blackbird87
  5. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    :huh:Has anyone adjusted the right hand mirror out for a clearer view to the right? left mirror seems to give wide enough view to left, but right mirror leaves a blind spot close to the rear of the bike, need to adjust out further but doesn't seem to move . ??:hmm:
  6. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Last Sunday, for once i was doing speed limit, I got cut off in the highway on ramp by a kid trying to prove himself. Unfortunately i ran out of asphalt. I laid my bird as gently as I could on the right hand side. :crying:My fairing is scuffed but repairable. After I was off the bike, it flipped...