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  1. What to Look For

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Does someone have a punch list of trouble-shooting problems to look for? I don't see one in the earlier threads. I have the shop manual, but I was wondering about trouble areas to look for. I bought my '03 in early '08 at 5,000 miles. The in-service date is July 05. Previous owner was...
  2. Upgrade/Maintence Suggestions

    General CBR XX Discussion
    I currently own a 1997 CBRXX with close to 28000 miles currently and the old girl is showing her age and wear. Since ND can be and more often than not a rather cold place to ride during the winter months, I've decided to take her in to the local Honda dealer to do some much needed maintenance...

    Introductions name is wan from malaysia...just bought a 97 first model of cbr1100xx...almost fifthteen years of age but her engine is still kicks up:)still could achieve 175mph easily on the clock! a newbie..i hope could get as many information as possible about this bike, especially regarding her...
  4. Maintenance Question

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Guy I bought my '99 Bird from didn't have a maintenance book. I'm wondering what the maintenance intervals are. I bought the bike with about 33,600 kilometers on it 2 weeks ago and already added about 1,000 kilometers, so I'm nearing 35,000 kilometers. Since there is no maintenance book...