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  1. Aussie - suggestions for quick purchase online leather jacket

    G'day my DRIRIDER textile jacket has developed a decent rip on the right lower zone. I was never 100% happy with it especially with the main zip frequently popping out - but it's done the job since 2012. I can't right now afford to try and buy at any local dealers so was thinking online with...
  2. Sale: Heated Gear - Upper Kit

    Gear For Sale
    Hello to the flock! I've got some never-worn heated gear for sale. I'll try it with you guys first for a few days, then on to eBay. I think I've got it priced well. I wish I'd seen something like this when I was buying. Anyways, here it is... Warm&Safe Heated Gen 3 Jacket Liner, Size XL, with...
  3. cbr1100xx jacket

    Gear For Sale
    :smilebig:Hey has anybody been able to buy a jacket: cbr1100xx , tried to buy jacket twice from the far east but got scammed both times. looking for jacket that has Honda cbr1100xx logo on it?:huh:
  4. Tourmaster Epic Jacket, 3XL

    Gear For Sale
    Worn only 3 mos, need a smaller size, this must go! Will come with the inner liner, no tears or damage to jacket at all. I can email pics to those interested, just send me your email if interested to [email protected] $175 Shipped, paypal is ok USA shipping only, thanks Oh, this is...