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  1. Ignition switch - can I spray contact cleaner in there?

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hi for some time I have to make sure the key sits at just the correct spot to have all lights on and able to start. Once started generally it's good I suspect dirty connections and I know pulling it apart or replacing is the best option but will spraying contact cleaner do the job at least in...
  2. Loss of spark, misfire under 4K

    Evening all, im looking for some divine intervention please, Firstly about the bike- 2001 HCS 28000 miles full dealer history with no previous issues. late last year I had the engine out to replace all the gearbox bearings, whilst there the valve clearances were checked, engine temp sender...
  3. Ignition advance -how it can be changed?

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hi folks! This is some of my first posts in here. But I have followed this site for some time. And now some backgrouding for my question... :confused: BACKGROUND I've had my Euro model '99 XX since 2005. I got it, when it had 46k km in odo. Now it has 105k kms. It was tuned with Full Yoshi...
  4. cbr 1100Blackbird ignition /keys

    Hi i realy need some help . i just bought a xx superbird 1100 fuelinjection . i think it is 99 When i went to fetch it i was told that there where no keys ! I cant ask my money back becauese it was on a aution What can i do now ? Some poeple say that it is chiped and others say it isnt ...
  5. Proud new owner 98 BB-Spark Issues

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Ok tested all the other electrical stuff and it all seems to work horn ect.. Purchased new plugs. Still no spark :mad: I have the tank off, carbs off, radiator off, water pump out, most of the water gagetry off. I noticed the coils are just laying there not secured to anything I guess I'm...