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  1. Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    I've had selling this helmet on my to-do list for like 9 months so I'm forcing my hand by just getting some kind of post up. Just wanted to get this posted and see if there's any interest. Last year I bought a Scorpion EXO-1100 Sixty Six, in wine and black. I bought this for a few reasons but...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Yep: I just ordered not one, but two Skully AR-1 helmets!! Both are Arctic White Gloss, size M, because me, my wife, and our daughter all wear the same size helmet. The girls will share one, I get one to myself. Estimated Shipping: Summer 2016. Let the flame wars begin... :clap:
  3. Gear For Sale
    Hey guys, I wanted to give you guys an opportunity at this helmet before I put it on ebay. I bought this a couple months ago and used it for not even two hours. It was my 3rd helmet at the time and I thought I'd want a modular helmet but I just can't get rid of my Arai RX-Q. I have everything...
  4. Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Where do I get the rest of the gear???? Predator Style Motorbike Helmet | Composites Showcase
  5. Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Hello to all my fellow CBRXXians friends, just to share some might be an information, might be an idea on this A photos of my simple CBRXX Helmet Graphic, might be I can get some opinion and comments... u can see the photos here...
1-6 of 6 Results