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  1. GPS/CAM-combined Stem mount

    Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Hi I've had problems finding a way to mount both my gps and my action cam. For GPS and Kneeslider-app, I use my iphone 5s in a waterproff casing. For video camera I use the Medion® life® s47008 (md 86692) I started out with buying this 12mm Hexagon Hole GPS Mount from Amazon I then made a...
  2. More accurate speedometer

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    I've been looking for some way to get more accurate information on my speed. Found some gadgets, e.g. "speedo healer" which purport to correct the factory set errors. But as far as I can figure out, all such devices require a calibration of some sort, perhaps putting the bike on a dyno or...
  3. Quick question reg. steering head cover

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Hi I want to make some fittings for my Iphone, so I can use the gps and the Kneeslider app(Great app, btw). Found this on amazon and will use it as inspiration. My question(s) is in regards to the top cover of the steering head - is it just a cover or are there any tightening-function here? Is...
  4. Stopping your Garmin GPS going into data mode when charging off USB

    Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Just putting up this post in case anyone else ever runs across this issue in future where trying to use a Garmin Nuvi GPS on the bike. I just installed my Garmin Nuvi GPS onto the bike, and for various reasons I'm using a bar mounted USB power outlet rather than a 12V outlet. The trouble is...