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fuel injection
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  1. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hey all, I'm fairly new to to blackbird ownership, i bought a 2007 a few months ago love it.:) Went for a short ride today, all was good. Parked it for an hour and started the beast to ride home, noticed the FI light stayed on all the way home, stopped and started bike, but FI light persists to...
  2. Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hey folks, I did a little Googling but got mixed results as I think most FI info out there seems to relate to the 98 - 01 models more so than the later ones. I have a 2005 Bluebird which has been running well. Today I left a colleague's place, pulled on to the motorway settled down to...
  3. Introductions
    The title says it all I guess, I miss my 1997 CBR 1100 XX Blackbird and want one again. Not sure if I can ask a question here, but I am giving it a shot. I had a 1997 which was carbureted. I believe in the year or two after that went to fuel injection. I tried looking up horsepower numbers...
1-3 of 3 Results