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fairing parts
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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings, I have many candy glory red fairing parts that I would prefer to sell as a bundle. I also have a complete set of the black fairing inserts. I live near the junction of the 10 and Hwy 62 near Palm Springs, Ca. Send me a reply and I can provide the details in terms of the...
  2. Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Season's Greetings, Looking for a lower right replacement fairing. Model year '01. Color : candy red. I don't want something that needs repaired...I have one of those [unfortunately] already. In terms of shipping cost I live in SoCal. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. Parts For Sale
    crashed my bike into a curb going over 40 mph this past summer. Bike still runs but is not ride-able, front forks are twisted. salvaged title and busted up pretty good but may still have a couple items someone could use, let me know if your interested. Also I have the complete OEM fairing set...
1-3 of 3 Results