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  1. 02 1100xx extended swing arm

    Parts For Sale
    Extended swing arm for 02 blackbird. There is some surface wear on it but chrome is in good condition. Located in Defuniak Springs, FL. $200
  2. Stretching my wings...

    I'm thinking about putting extended swingarms and a fatboy on the back of my bird. Anyone know where I can buy the parts for my project??
  3. Stretched my bird 10inches and Need a new Shock spring.

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    I recently started a project to stretch my BB for after finding a solid chromed out swingarm thats been stretched 10inches. I had to go from a 110 link chain to a 150 link chain. Fun right, anyway it raises the bike up some and I want it to stay stock height. I'm told I need to change my shock...