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electrical fault

  1. starter relay

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    hi all , name is sean living in aus, form Ireland, im not a bike mechanic but try and do want I can myself, cost of labour here is crazy, recently just change shock for a hagon , new sprocket and chains, recently trying to start bike and starter relay is just continuously clicking over , no...
  2. FI light always on

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hey all, I'm fairly new to to blackbird ownership, i bought a 2007 a few months ago love it.:) Went for a short ride today, all was good. Parked it for an hour and started the beast to ride home, noticed the FI light stayed on all the way home, stopped and started bike, but FI light persists to...
  3. No spark, possible bad CDI? Please help!!

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    I have a 98 BBird Carb with 61000 km. So here is my problem: Yesterday it just refused to start, engine ticks over but no ignition. I could smell fuel coming from the exhaust so knew it wasn't fuel related. Next I ripped the tank and air-box off to test spark, tested spark against the body...
  4. Help!! Both turn signal indicators are lit on instrument cluster. Help!!

    Both turn signal indicators on my 99 BB lit up today and won't go out. Additionally, my headlight is out. Bulbs are good. What gives? Any suggestions? Rob Memphis, TN P.S. This is my daily commuter so I need to resolve quickly...
  5. New to the site... troublesome Blackbird... HELP

    Hello all, I've just joined today, I've a 2001 Black Blackbird, have her since September, previously had 98 hornett 600 and CBF1000, which I toured Spain & Portugal on last summer, planning Trip down to spain again this July, but my 'bird is giving me some trouble... I've an intermittent...