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  1. Sprocket Gearing Advice

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Hey everyone, it's been a while. Back on the bike now most days and loving it. Just shy of two months from now, I'm going out to some bike event at a local dragstrip (1/8 mile :crap:) with some buddies so I'm prepping up for a grudge match. I've beaten this Busa 3 times now out on the street...
  2. CBR250RR - Front brakes drag, then lock

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I've searched the forums, but no one seems to have my problem. The front brakes seem fine, but after driving for 10-30kms the front brakes start to drag, slowly getting worse until eventually they lock. From when i notice the drag to lock could be no more than 500m, at which point...
  3. Went to the drag strip today

    General CBR XX Discussion
    I went to New England Dragway up in Epping, NH on my 1998 blackbird. 100% stock, full weight, with a full tank of fuel and a 210lb. rider NE dragway is about 90 feet above sea level. My first 2 runs, I tried to stay under 120 mph, as to not get kicked out becuase i didn't have leather pants, or...
  4. took her to the drag strip tonight

    General CBR XX Discussion
    First time ever draggin. Only reason i went is because my buddy, who owns a 2007 ZX-10 is always talking about how he'll murder my bird. So i challenged him and he said the only way he would put the rubber down was on a real drag strip so we went to Atlanta motor speedway for the friday night...