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  1. Overheating after rebuild

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hey everyone! I just finished a major rebuild on my '02 Bird, and have been on two rides so far since. Unfortunately, I was not able to fix one of the issues I was having before the tear down: overheating. When stuck at lights in the hot weather we're already having, the temp readout will...
  2. 132C temperature is bad :-/

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Took part in a motorcycle funeral procession this afternoon, followed a motorcycle hearse (different). In the UK it's a very hot day and the bike temp crept up and up, didn't want to stop as I was surrounded by Air Cooled Harley's! Temp got to 132 (ambient approx 35C) and at that point we...
  3. coolant drain sealant washers

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello, while I have the flaring off going to change the coolant, is there someplace besides the Honda dealer to buy the drain plug sealant washers??:hmm:
  4. Radiator flush & water wet additive

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Going to do the spring flush of the radiator/cooling system; do you pull only the right side flaring? or do you have to pull both sides on the flaring? (want to make this as painless as possible). And what is the best coolant additive to add to the coolant to help make the bird run cooler in...
  5. Changing coolant

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi everyone,I decided I want to work on my bird a bit rather than always taking it to the shop. Save money and learn something. Figured small maintainance stuff I could do on my own. Want to start by changing the liquids and my question is in regards to the coolant. Getting to the container is...
  6. Running too hot

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    Hi. I have been running a little hotter than normal. Usually, my 03 (15,000 miles) runs @ 185 deg F in all but the hottest weather. Lately, my tempt has been rising and staying up higher than normal - usually gets to 215 or so and then the fan kicks in and keeps it there. If I get to an open...