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  1. Dash Swap to CBR6

    Hiya all. New here so be gentle. I've recently converted my Bird to a street fighter. I've swapped the clocks for Some CBR600F4i 01-06. Everything works except the rev counter. The needle sweeps when i switch on the ignition but does not move when the engine starts. I`m not sure if the...
  2. Converting Australian Bird from km/h to ml/h

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Hi all, I've just moved to the UK from Australia and my bird is lovingly boxed and somewhere in the middle of the indian ocean. The problem is that Australia, being a country of morons, decided to lock their instrument panels to km/h, so I can't just press the buttons and convert it to ml/h...

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi, Please will you share your advice and experience about converting a Blackbird (mine is a 1996 Carb version with 50k kilometres) for use on track days - but not for racing. Having been thrilled by a track day at Hockenheimring I now realise what I should be doing with my bike. Either it's...
  4. 600rr front end/headlight conversion

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    I have seen/read a few articles on swapping out the headlight/front fairings to an 03-06 600rr. Any suggestions/tips? I believe the front mount bracket bolts right up but what about the side brackets? I'm sure cutting/shaving part of the fairing will be involved. Let me know if anyone had...
  5. H.I.D. Conversion

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    hey guys, i have a 98 bird, everyone that see's her thinks that she just came off the showroom floor, i was thinking about doing the H.I.D. conversion, i have read on here that everyone who does it loves it. would i go about doing it? can i just go to the junkyard and get some true...