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  1. Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    I'm having trouble getting my bird to start. I've been through the enrichment circuit and cleaned all the orifices and jets. Replaced the fuel filter too. Still it takes forever to finally get going. It used to fire right up with the RPM responding nicely to the choke adjuster, now nothing. I've...
  2. Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    hi, i have a problem with my cbr 1100 xx 98model with a rough running,spluttering in just highway speeds when im crusing,it starts easy warm or cold and runs fine on idle and runs nice up to 60 kmh and runs fine after 6or7000 rpm and up to rev limiter but difficoult crusing 60 up to relative...
1-2 of 2 Results