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  1. (UK) 2006 Bird, comes with accessories but needs TLC :-/ 70k miles on clock

    Bikes For Sale
    Hi all, here's a copy of what I'm going to put on ebay soon, just wanted to offer it to the community first. I'd like around £1200. PICTURES LINK ADDED TO BOTTOM Hi and thanks for viewing this auction. I don't want to waste a potential buyers time, any more than I want my own time wasted...
  2. Afternoon from South Korea!

    Afternoon from South Korea, all! It's 5:15PM here. I've been here for a year and a half, with my wife and three children joining me in the past year. I own a 1998 CBR 1100XX, all black. Half of the fairings are held together with zipties but it's mechanically sound. It just turned 20 years...
  3. Corbin Beetle Bags For Sale--SOLD

    Parts For Sale
    Purchased these Beetle Bags from the original owner of my 1999 Honda Blackbird back in 2003. Have not really used them in the last 14 years, so time for them to go. Installation instructions are included, along with keys and all hardware. $700/OBO.
  4. Alternative Bike to Blackbird? (should the day sadly come :-/)

    General CBR XX Discussion
    hey All, So I was going to do a poll, but it's too complicated and there are so many bikes out there! Question is, what bike would you replace the Blackbird with if needs must? What gets close to being such a fantastic all rounder? Normally you'd think, "hey, they have a VFR1200 now, that's...
  5. Clean 1998 Blackbird for Sale

    Bikes For Sale
    My wife has decided after 9 years to let her 'Bird go. 38,400 miles. Title in hand. SOLD Comes with the following upgrades: ->Racetech Springs upfront -> Corbin gunfighter seat -> Zero Gravity Tinted Windshield -> Black Frame Plugs -> Two Brothers Black Series Titanium slip-ons (they sound...
  6. ECU compatible

    Hi All. Wondering about ECU compatibility on different models? I have a '99 Blackbird and a 2003 ECU- after fitting the new ECU my regulator plucks burned but not sure if this happened before or after.
  7. For Sale Corbin Beetle Bags "SOLD"

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale a set of Corbin Beetle bags with mounting hardware and key for locks. These are in goods shape, has minor chips and scratches from normal use, color is Gray. Bike was sold without bags. Asking $1000.00 OBO.
  8. new to the blackbird experience

    Hey I'm Scott just picked up a 1999 cbr1100xx blackbird with 5400 miles on it super clean for $3800 pretty happy with it comfortable ride and pretty Damn fast no wheelie yet grounds too cold wheel just spins but the bike is all stock and runs great I'm happy
  9. Strange module in the steering column

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Found this led/button/light-resistor hanging in the steering column, neither factory manual, nor haynes, nor ebay had anything remotely close to that, and the module changes nothing in bird's behaviour. On startup LED displays a "3", and the button can be used to flicker it from 0 to 9...
  10. 97 1100xx for sale or trade

    Bikes For Sale
    i have a 1997 blackbird for sale ($1500) or trade for another CBR (must be ready to ride) it does have issues, so this is only if you are looking for a project bike. all it needs is a new head, or, if you are cheap, a helicoil on cylinder #3 for the spark plug. i blew it out of the head on the...
  11. Need Repair Shop in Belgium

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi All, I know I haven't posted much, but I'm in need now... I am military and was just moved to Belgium. I know that Europe is full of Blackbird enthusiasts and I was REALLY looking forward to riding over here. All good, except that when we opened the sea container my Bird was on its side...
  12. Back on the Blackbird.

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Back in 2000, I purchased a 2000 Blackbird but only was able to enjoy the bike for six months before an infamous left turn accident totaled me and my new bike. Three months ago I found a used 2003 Blackbird for sale and was able to successfully purchase. I obtained the bike with 12K miles and...
  13. Givi E360 and Mounts

    Parts For Sale
    Very lightly used Givi E360 hardbags color matched CBR1100xx Bright Silver complete with SW Motech Quick Release mounting system for the Blackbird. No longer need as Factory hardbags have been obtained. Unused liners included. Always kept inside, always hand washed and waxed. Very minor shoe...
  14. Youngest 'Bird rider in this Forum???

    Hi guys,After 3 weeks perving over a CBR1100xx for sale online I finally decided to travel the 350 miles to see her. Within 20 minutes of arrival I walked (well, rode) away with a 98 grey Super Blackbird with 16k miles on the clock.At the age of 26 I think I'm one of the youngest Blackbird...
  15. 2003 Blackbird with code 25 issue

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    I have a 2003 Blackbird with 8000 miles on it. FI light comes on sporadically in the spring and summer, when ambient temp is about 70 to 80 degrees F, never in winter when temp is below 60 F. No change in performance that I am aware of. Did loom fix and padded ECU without success, also attempted...
  16. CBR 1100 Horse Power?

    General CBR XX Discussion
    I had a 1997 Blackbird that I bought new and sold when I got married (MISTAKE). Anyway I am actively looking again and am trying to decide if I want a fuel injected model or carbs like I had. I looked up horsepower ratings for both and saw that the HP dropped when they went to fuel injection...
  17. 2003

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    2003 BlackBird.
  18. Weird starting issue (engine decides to spin but not fire)

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi All, Hope everyone is well! I've had the weirdest issue with the 'bird lately. In the last two weeks it hasn't wanted to start on two separate occasions about 2 weeks apart. Here's what happened the first time: Ridden 7 miles, killed the engine and stopped for 10 minutes (food...
  19. Not new to riding but new to the Blackbird

    Hello everybody, I have been riding since I was 5 years old but I got my 2003 Blackbird about 5 months ago. It took what seemed like forever to find the absolute perfect Blackbird but when I found it I knew she was the one!! I found her on craigslist in Indiana and I drove 6 hours to get it...
  20. 2002 Silver Bird for sale CHERRY

    Bikes For Sale
    I am considering selling my 02xx...I have too many bikes in the garage and Its time to let one of my xx's go...Its a 02 with 22K miles on the clock. It has Micron big bore full exhaust system, K&N in the airbox, and a PC3...It has peg lowerers, and bar risers. It has the chrome edge wheels, and...