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  1. 1999 Super Blackbird (Brasov, Romania)

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    Hi, I am utterly out of time due to the youngest family member requiring most of what remains after work. Hence my Blackbird is feeling a bit neglected and as I don't see this change in the near future, I decided to sell her. I got her a new paint job, break/clutch handles, windshield and...
  2. blackbird 1997 XX, need parts

    General CBR XX Discussion
    I am looking for parts for my 97 XX.. right side handle bar, right break lever, right footpeg.. yea i tipped it over.. black ice sucks!!! don't ask.. lol oh yea and a front wheel.. hit a hole earlier at speed but didn't go down.. all body fearing parts and front fender eventually once I get back...
  3. like to know more abt blackbird and default to look out for

    hi there, i just bought my new bike 99 blackbird my plate number is FT i have few question about blackbird what to look out for any default ? does blackbird temp heat does always goes high if yes please advice what should i do ? can i put PC 5 for my blackbird and does PC support for...
  4. I need an Blackbird 1100xx Engine!

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    Hey. I need an engine. A blackbird 1100 with low miles. with injection, not carburetor. Someone who can help me with this? I just need an engine and not mains, suction or injection system. Best regards Oskar Andrè Sandberg :plus1:
  5. 1997 CBR1100xx - 3,589 actual miles - MINT condition

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    Greetings... I am considering selling my 97' Blackbird. 100% stock, no dings, dents or scratches at all. I bought it new in 1998, and haven't really rode it since getting married. Black on black and Beautiful. I also have canvas saddle bags ( never used ) and an all carbon-fibre helmet ( HJC...
  6. where can i find a left back mirror for my cbr 1100xx?

    General CBR XX Discussion
    please i need some help to find a left mirror for my 1998 cbr 1100xx
  7. Finally a Proud Owner of a Blackbird

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 98' XX two days before I left town(May 21, 09) for bike week and I'm totally impressed with this bike. From the day I saw it and sat on it I knew I had to have it so I waited patiently and saved while I sharpened my skills on a smaller bike until that day...