Chain Maintenance - I could kick myself square in the ass.
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    Chain Maintenance - I could kick myself square in the ass.

    OK, so as I'm riding around last week, I notice a little clunk in the drive line when the bike is cold and when pulling away from a stop in first gear. It is also there a little bit if I lug down in second such as a slow 90 degree turn and lazy foot finding me still in second.

    "I know what this is, loose chain", says I to myself.

    I'm going on a trip this weekend from Palm Beach to Cedar Key, FL. Night before, I break out the tools and do a fast 1/4 turn on the chain adjusters, tighten the axle, give it a good squirt of PJ1 Blue and figure I'm set.

    Clunk is gone in the morning, no worries. Run 250 miles up just north of Tampa to stay the night and I notice a little clunk when circling the parking lot to get into my space. Up on center stand and another 1/4 turn. Lube and off to dinner. In morning all is fine and off to Cedar Key, about another 130 miles.

    Had to be back in Palm Beach pretty early so we left Cedar Key at about 1300 and just tore up 75 and the Tpke, running about 90 all the 315 miles back home. At the fuel stop about 60 miles from home, I notice the clunk is really bad. OK, I'll fix it when I get home, by this time I'm worried maybe my front sprocket is going.

    As I pull out of the toll booth it really sucks and I'm still about 35 miles from home so, up on the center stand, off with the Givi's and I give things a good look. THE DAMN CHAIN IS TIGHT AS A FIDDLE STRING. Turns out the chain has a major difference in tension for about 1/2 its lenght. One side has about 1-1.5" of free play (more or less normal) 180 degrees of tire rotation, I can't budge it.

    Out come the tools again and I slack the adjusters a full turn, give the rear wheel a good kick in the ass, snug things up, and recheck, all is now well. Give it another shot of lube.

    The big had been sitting for a couple of weeks outside my apartment while I was away at a client's site and I guess the lower run of the chain, which was exposed to rain and such, had rusted, despite my somewhat generous use of chain lube.

    I'm gonna get a Pro-oiler and will never again assume that a little noise in the chain area is a loose chain. Should'a checked it the first time. Damn, I'm dumb sometimes.

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    Re: I could kick myself square in the ass

    Glad the chain didn't break on you!! I had to repair my case after a chain breakage on the highway.

    Hawaiian Island Stylin'

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    Re: I could kick myself square in the ass

    It happens. I've got a good one for ya. My chain was making a clunking sound up by the front sprocket under acceleration. It's got 20,000 on it so I knew it was time for new sprockets and chain. Here's the kicker- bike is on the center stand and I'm rotating the tire examining the chain looking for the master link. I was getting pretty frustrated when it dawned on me this could be an endless chain. Got everything fixed, manual is on order, and I too am a dumbass.

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    Re: Chain Maintenance - I could kick myself square in the ass.

    I got 27000 miles out of the stock chain. It was making graunch noises on my way home from riding in the N. Ga. mountains a while back, so I decided to look for a deal.

    I purchased a stock front sprocket, JT rear sprocket and an Xring gold link DID chain from University Motors for less than a stock set up that I am very happy with. With routine maintenance, should last a little longer.

    Just need a little better weather.......

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    Re: Chain Maintenance - I could kick myself square in the ass.

    I made the mistake of nursing a bad chain along until one day she snapped. It was certainly cheaper to replace the chain and sprockets then to replace the cases and my wife was not very happy with my engine scattered across the dinner table.

    Before you say it, I was an E-4 in the NAV and we were living off base in an efficiency type apartment in Imperial Beach. No garage and I could not take the bike to the base.Did not replace the cases but I JB welded them, bike lasted a few more years after that.

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    Re: Chain Maintenance - I could kick myself square in the ass.

    Arrrggh 'matey! What ye be doing in the Nav? I too is in the Nav. You still in?


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